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End and Beginning in the Borderless Aquarius

3. 30. - 4.8. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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“ The fact, that astrology after all provides valid 
results, hence proves, that not the apparent star-
positions are, which take effect, but the  times, 
which are measured or defined by arbitrarily  labeled
star-positions. The time hence proves as a stream 
of events, filled with qualities, and not, like our 
philosophy likes to have it, as a perception,  abstract 
by itself or condition of  realization.

Carl G. Jung, Letters I.  1. 29. 1934

14. Week 2020

symbol of the first hot
Expeller and planet of fever

Sun in Aries 
had placed the center of life
within the care and the chain of the states of
in Aquarius
while now  yesterday and today
in Aquarius
Mars met Saturn

in the airy realm of a new collective
where media is not the front
and suddenly the state has no alternative
to serve the people

it's the Eurasian Revolution
not surpassing anyone but
humble preparedness
and nobleness with the



goddess of co-working
walls of defense
and balanced

still at home 
short before leave for
on Friday
on Friday

Zodiac tells us: 
Mars now left Saturn's Capricorn's earth for Aquarius' air- element 

also the ruler 

Saturn now  rules in Uranus' realm

symbol for the - invisible - hence free
third element 
it's life is called
spirit it's

Saturn's symbol is the tower. In Aquarius' free realm of thinking now the "towers" of  the world
  are in  contest for serving their population. "Who could have known..."

Symbol: the tower
+ Mars
Symbol: the flame

start and end of a 
finite bow
end of fever?

Mars new beginnings
under Uranus' 
man-god Uranus rules
among the herds

then for yesterday and today Mars unites with Saturn 
in Aquarius' borderless world
of immunity and mutation
. Fire and Earth
Aries and Capricorn

Begin and End
of a finite
passage in the creation

an end of fever ?
what would it mean

that's human's Mars
fundamental question

Mars accelerates
Saturn breaks 


in Aquarius we are in the realm without border 
hence the wing
is symbol for thinking

 here is an example from the last
Saturn in Aquarius
lifting event

21. 12. 1091, Alma Ata, Suspension of the  USSR 

6. 8. 1991 Internet released

According to Uranus the realm where the Aquarius - event is unfolding  currently is the same like between 1935 und 42,  Taurus, the social herd.

ruled by

ruler of Taurus and Libra, things and balance, this week finishing her run in the own realm of concentration by entering Twins realm of differentiation. Thereby the resources  and reserves of the 'collectors' get into the disposition of the 'regulators', which in Twins care for the inter mediation between the 'meat-eaters' and the 'vegetarians', know what I mean?

Their God is


still on in his yearly great cleaning - time, cleaning off temporal importance, on Friday will meet our super-cleaner, the child-god Neptune, ruler of the well of meaning, within the unconscious,  Pisces.

Murnau, 30. 3. 2020, UTC:15:55. In English: 4. 1. 2020, UTC: 15:54.

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