Mittwoch, 29. April 2020

Venus' Greed and Balance Ruling All Gods But Will be Challenged by the Divine Child of Innocence

4. 27. - 5. 6. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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Animus and Anima

The more civilized, the more unconscious and complicated

 a man is, the less he is able to follow his 

instincts. His complicated living conditions and the influence 
of his environment are so strong that they drown the quiet voice 
of nature. Opinions, beliefs, theories, and collective tendencies 
appear in its stead and back up all the aberrations of the con- 
scious mind. Deliberate attention should then be given to the 
unconscious so that the compensation can set to work. Hence it 
is especially important to picture the archetypes of the uncon- 
scious not as a rushing phantasmagoria of fugitive images but as 
constant, autonomous factors, which indeed they are. 
Both these archetypes, as practical experience shows, possess 
a fatality that can on occasion produce tragic results. They are 
quite literally the father and mother of all the disastrous entan- 
glements of fate and have long been recognized as such by the 
whole world. Together they form a divine pair, one of whom, 
in accordance with his Logos nature, is characterized by pneuma 
and nous, rather like Hermes with his ever-shifting hues, while 
the other, in accordance with her Eros nature, wears the features 
of Aphrodite, Helen (Selene), Persephone, and Hecate. 

JUNG, G.W. 9/II, S. 30.

In my life, I think,  I haven't encountered the Persephone- and the Hecate-nature, I don't regret it.

Therefore to Cancer-Ascendant so more challenging are the squares with Aries and Libra,
generally, while I have no emphasized relation (square) to them.

26. 2. 1942

Element: Water
Challenge: Aries, fire
from top: Twins, air
self: Cancer, water
" the lower way"
Challenge Eros: Libra air

Cancer: "the receptiveness"

in my case, the receptiveness has the possibility and intrepidity  (house 1),
'to open the dance'
 with  the first steps of  sensible receptivity
of the rocking soul in the body
by nothing but the music
 willing to be danced

and receptiveness has the possibility
 to ingrain (house 2)
astrology (Pluto)
 in the
social community.

 So much for an example, what an ascendant tells.

And birthday-Sun? What will Pisces-Sun reveal off these  lifelong 'birthday -presents'?

'My' Sun = heart each day, apart from a child's kind  loving and caring for it's love (Pisces)  heart = Sun in house 10, has  to empty out  all personal motives, other than the eternal, meaning: to live in the anonymity of the spirit's  non-temporal architecture  principally invisibly present.

How inconceivable - to de-personalize one's  only given, the personal root, but, God willing, 

nothing  is more easy on a silent thundery Sunday-afternoon  in Spring
to watch the given constellation

18. Week 2020

forever new power 'appears' in the 
place of Mars
now carried by the wings of
like Saturn
in the 'airy' medium of 

Saturn in Aquarius: even the great Aluminium-Birds are in shut- down- modus

and both they
appear physically in the Taurus - realities of communities
abolishing the towers
of 'normalcy'
eating the old lies
and the weak , old
and dead

But now Mercury 
the god of meme and frame
of ways and places and information
has left Aries
no longer  works for Mars
but  for Venus now
 deserting attack
serving defense now 
Mercury ruling Venus 
in Twins
by her consent

nota bene: 
as to 'rule of the gods' we have to understand
 all, what
can figure among the zodiacal archetypes
in the  bandwidth from the 'god God' 
till the demonically blinded  God 
unconscious of himself (conf. Hiob) ,
 can take shape on the Earth's world 
from the Virus until the 
of God

 greed and
 challenge of Eros
and good food
in Twins'
realm of neighbors
near and far 
contrasts of light and shadow
in the world of discriminating intellect
exposed to the intelligence
by the vested interests

and in this busyness now 
Mercury is entangled together with
Uranus and Sun
periphery and center
all busy in Taurus busyness
of satiety and security

and directly and via Uranus
Venus is ruling  all Gods, Archetypes
all but  the divine child
Neptune in Pisces'
 endless ocean of unconscious being
out of which Aquarius' Uranus
rises ideas and first sparks 
rising for the long and winding road
to consciousness

and what is the impetus of Venus'rule?
to collect, to store, to unite
to civilize

on weekend Venus will  move through
the square with Neptune
so the ruler of reserves and stocks
will have to build a company
with truth and innocence

And with Moon the soul-weathers  yesterday again entered the fruitful  soul-waters of Cancer, reflecting the spirit of Sagittarius while heavens  steady revolution around the horizon.

Murnau, 4. 29. 2020, UTC: 13:48.


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