Mittwoch, 8. April 2020

Aquarius-Vultures Chasing Liars

 4. 6. - 15. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"We only understand those thinking, which is nothing
 but  an equation, out of which never comes more
 than what  we have put into. That's the intellect: but 
beyond that there is a thinking in primeval  images,
in Symbols, which are older, than man, innate into him 
since yore and outliving all generations, eternally alive,
fulfilling the undergrounds of our soul. Most complete
 life is only possible in accordance with them, wisdom is 
return to them. Actually it's neither about belief nor 
knowledge but about compliance of our thinking with
the original images of our unconscious, which are the
 inconceivable mothers of any thought, whichever our 
consciousness might excogitate. And one of these original 
images is the idea of a life beyond death."

C.G.Jung,  Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart, (Soulproblems
of the Present Age), Zürich 1931,  p.  273.

Sunrise of the Aries - day

the entire heart-power
lies within the blind begin
of consume

a hunter's heart always
until viri-hunter

but uncatchable ahead
God has perceived
the scene

which mundo weekly and in between attends, always trying
to do his diary as sober as possible. How else?

15. Week 2020

the world still is immobilized
like a hill in spring
heavenly dignity

where Saturn in Aquarius
for the first till July
signifies the highest of the 'birds'
(~ thoughts)

high 'birds' are
are not only thoughts
but consciously thought thoughts
as Saturn wherever
attends the height below God
like a mountain-top
overlooking everything

and Mars
in Aquarius
the winged predator

as vulture consuming the carrion
not least
the information-carrion
which as 'friendship'
eats soul

Mars now for 6 weeks in Aquarius' heights
of vultures
blind outbreaks of life
singly and unnoticed
like van Gogh

eye- animal

" But first and foremost, what one calls "hinhauen" '
(to hit down): that's something the  old Dutchmen
understood splendidly, of this "hitting down with few 
paint-brush strokes" no one today wants to know
 anything about it ... 

"Thinking of something, regarding the vicinity and 
letting it emerge out of itself "(e.g. tree-root)

Vincent v. Goch * 30. 3. 1853, 
UTC 10:41, Zundert

... letter to his brother

Vincent the King of  strikers


of Taurus and Libra
halve earth, halve air
in Twins
earthly potency 

in Twins air
above the parties
always knowing of a smarter 'third'

in possession of narratives
and news

and coincidently  still for years
Uranus the borderless god of man
on Venus' higher acres

Uranus toppler of towers
and lord of them
'above heaven' 
leading the soul in
the extensions of one's person
and beyond
always keeping the child
the bridge with
number 2 and number 11
in the zodiac

while with Mercury 
at weekend world and we
enter purged
or demonically un-purged
the new round
by entrance into the summer-half-year
0° Aries on Saturday

the misfortune of the un-purged is
they lose the wave of the new 

To return once more to Mars, the direct, blind, sincere one, him awaits the week of 'resonance' between heaven and Earth via the Uranus-Mars-square, which signifies 

a function of heaven and Earth
this week belongs to it

while Sun
in Aries
next Wednesday reaches
at 25,3°Aries 
the heart and the first brother
uniting next Tuesday - evening

early brother?
fire is always the first

and for Pluto the 'brother'
and Jupiter the 'son'
nothing changes
 in Capricorn
they are in the command of Saturn
underway in the Aquarian height of ideas
where Uranus and his Mars-in-Aquarius-vultures
are currently eating the dead liars
of 1,6 years

Murnau, 4. 8. 2020, UTC 17:18.

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