Donnerstag, 23. April 2020

Be Toppled or Feed the Wings of Coming Times

 4. 20 - 29. 2020,   0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"There is anyway no other possibility, but to acknowledge
the irrational as a necessary, cause always present
psychic function and to take its contents not as concrete
(that would be a step back) but as psychic realities -
realities, because being effective things, i.e. effectivities.
The collective unconsciousness, as a precipitation of the
experience and likewise as a priory of the same, an
image of the world, which has shaped since eons.
In this image certain traits, so called archetypes or
dominants have emerged. They are the rulers, the gods,
i.e. images of dominating laws and principles of 
average regularities in the flow of images, which the soul
again and again undergoes.

C.G.Jung, Coll. W. VII, § 151

'average regularities'
on heaven (and Earth)
moving gods
resting signs
standing houses

For Capricorn I use as ultimate expression: "the pilgrims way". 

Sun's simile is Gold

Sun's logos in Capricorn is: Gold  after life. 

To have it in life, heart has to be devoted to the trans-personal good. Symbol: the King.

Joan Baez
1. 9. 1941, UTC 15:45, Staten Island NY

To know of the ~2,5 years,  Saturn, the lord of the high earth-realm Capricorn, is  moving through Aquarius, an air- realm, gives hints for sensible perception. Keeps Capricorn the measures and dimensions of all temporal beings, so secures Aquarius the genius of mutation - for the better or the worse.

Hence Saturn in Aquarius signifies the  sublation of the hitherto valid standards, by mutations in their realm.

Two examples:

11. 22. 1963 
Kennedy assassination

25. 12. 1091 Alma Ata
Suspension of the USSR

For the first till end of June, when Saturn 'retrograd' walks till December 18. a final walk 'at home' in Capricorn. Then 2 years Aquarius.

It will be interesting to see, if this to and fro in 2020 will bring contradicting factions to the foreground.

17. Week 2020

'zodiacal man'


with his/her weekly weathers

Pisces = wave = meaning
Aries = push = being

out of Pisces =  meaning is rising with the Sun
ripe and mature as
 in the evening

Aries has to mirror Pisces
by fire
wave by push

peace by 

Taurus has to mirror Aquarius
the earth to
mirror the air

and the builder has to build houses
as homes for the spirit
to mirror the
winged ones
at least in the
common towers

Twins the speaking analyzer
has to mirror God's
 "in the beginning"
above all lower inter-ests
symbolized by  Capricorn's
high ground =
pilgrimage on Earth

Mars in Aquarius , fire from heaven, eating the sick and dead.


like last week
ruler above the entire
Sun-Family except Neptune
but is likewise
ruled by Mercury
via Twins


will accompany  the flying predators
of Mars till Monday
then be ruled by Venus
adding Mercury' wit to Venus's  defenses
initially in square with Saturn

Sun since last Sunday in Taurus

the 'solution' with  squares always is, to find a common form
in which the 'contras' might be able to move paradoxically

Sun was Tuesday in square
 ( air contra earth) 
with Saturn.

Sun + Saturn
heart and tower

later on Sunday Sun will unite it's light with Uranus', toppler of Saturn's towers of expired times unless the keeper of the towers are feeding the winged ideas of coming times.

Sun + Uranus
heart + origin

Murnau, 4, 23. 2020, UTC: 14:59.


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