Mittwoch, 15. April 2020

Gatherings for Mankind's Interest

 4. 13. - 22. 2020,   0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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The female horoscope is different from the male one.


She: connection (Eros) Moon 

He: Distinction (Logos) Sun  

(according to C.G.Jung)

16. Week 2020

spring 4
winter 5

Moon Monday to Monday 
 in  perfect Winter-Quarter
still no spring for  mood
still standing looking thinking
till Monday

then outburst in Aries till
next Wednesday
when consumed by Sun's brighter light
then new borne 
small mood

so much for the mood within us.

Now for the hypothetical part-persons, ruled bv the naturally given rhythms of the Sun-'family'.

always the mouth of  we
any living creature
the Ouroboros

 the first
in need of fuel

His rhythms traditionally are swinging with 1,6 Earth-years.


the eater
in Aquarius 
by eating  energizing what?
 origins of new ideas in the
rising from unconscious Pisces
rising at
Uranus' the thinker's  place
 in Taurus
new light
'from above'
within  the social  'herd' 

The latter refers to the collective instinct of social needs, traditionally symbolized by the bull - Taurus - strength, and defensive character   ... while the most peaceful sign - symbol: Dove, Libra
has the most bellicose presentations: Aries, according to his Mars. For example him, a double Venus -Type, whose death-knell  roared  for his final two weeks today 75 years ago at 5:00 at the Seelower Höhen.

Adolf Hitler, 20. 4. 1889

archetype of our social instinct and sexual balance
ruling in Taurus
Uranus yields his rule on Mars and Saturn

Mars yields his rule on Sun and Mercury

 Saturn yields his rule over 
Jupiter and Pluto

together a nearly complete chain of zodiacal realms connected
only Neptune's  deep unconscious missing
gathered by madame archetype
in Twins
these are or should be
weeks of gatherings on Mercury's higher levels
above the parties
of Mars' predators
and Venus' social organisms of 

'the brain' above the 'partners'
now in Aries dealing with 
Mars-things like inflammations
together with Sun
heart and center
in the highest regions of Aquarius
which is the region of
mutation of
stile trend  and tradition

while today evening in Europe
morning and noon in America
will see

Sun's visit of Pluto of fire

if someone has grown a  circle of meaning
around  Scorpio-things
he can meditate
on a constructive connection
of fire, heart  and waiver
in our  wasteland of busyness
there is no traditional culture on Earth
where not the time of waiver and sacrifice has it's place
the liberal worldview of the lizards has no place
for Pluto's realm of
sacrifice and waiver to 
hence it qualifies
for  the involuntary

Sun's Visit at green Moon
connects heart of the day and home of 
man's soul in the social herd

Murnau, 4. 16.  2020, UTC 15:25.

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