Dienstag, 21. April 2020

Last Dance of the Behemoth

unique day in the world of oil-busyness
you eventually could earn $ 37, 63 
if you'd buy
a barrel of WTI-Crude

and amazing like always, Sun's adventures
  Sun ~ Leo, heart, gold, sovereignty, soul-fire
Saturn ~ Capricorn, limit, state, judge

4. 21. 2020
0:00 Houston

each square (of 90°)-constellation
has 2 Elements in contradiction
here air and earth
it's a struggle of heaven and earth
of symbol and matter

the symbolic -air of Aquarius has Saturn
the gate-keeper of holy measures
like St. Peter "the Rock"
checking the souls
off temporal

now glut in black matter

'Sun' of Millions of years
conserved in stone
liquid gold
in resonance with
contracting (polar) character
now in Aquarius ~ contracting without border

before Nixon: gold = $
since Nixon: oil = $

watch the little new beast in town
it's will be 'last dance' of the 

Murnau, 4 21. 2020, UTC 14:16.

See also: https://astromundanediary.blogspot.com/2020/03/elements-of-crash-code.html


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