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Last Week for the Starter Among Thinkers

 5. 4. - 13. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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like the body by growing passes through the historical path of development
in which the basic structures grow
so also the psyche

"Multiplicity is closely connected with the essence
of the sympathetic nervous system, since the function
of the sympathicus lies not in the centering or unity
but in the ramification and proliferation till into 
the  individual life of each cell."

C.G. Jung, Kinderträume (Children Dreams) p. 375. 

"Quartering ...  that the fission of the chaos into the four
 elements is the primordial act of the discerning spirit; it's
the  attempt to bring order into the chaotic wealth of 
appearances. The quartering is a principium individuationis,
and  means a becoming whole and one towards the many
 guises, bearing in them the danger of destruction. It is it, 
which overcomes death and can induce new birth."
ibid. p. 377

"Depression only if man sustains his condition and
accepts his depression, the possibility of an inner 
conversion exists"

ibid. p 378

"Stars. It is an error to believe, that the old ones really 
beheld Bears and Snakes in heaven: that is mythology,
which inheres all of us and which therefore anyone of us 
is able to project again at the sky. So also our science has 
begun with the stars. There our world-consciousness came 
into being and from there we have fetched science. In the
stars  likewise lie  hidden the deep-most of our interior."

ibid. p. 378 f.

19. Week 2020

of the northern zodiacal man 

 underlying all of us
it's the unconscious rhythmic weather of the archetypes
or gods
 giving the psycho/physical script
each week
we are asked to read

Valid for the northern hemisphere only

with Mars
all what is burning, cutting, pushing
in Sun*s universe
completed on Earth
is charged
 travelling with this planet
 and one twelfth of us 
is more or less loaded by pure energy
of beginning
people, animals, plants
are starters

Mars in Aquarius
element air
start of thinking
hungry for unifying ideas
now last week   (for 1,6 years)
to start pushing
where Uranus' ways slowly accrue
in thinking human nerves
where images of the whole rise out of the sea
of eternal oblivion

mind: last seven
of 44 days in Aquarius
with Mars starting 
 with Saturn ending
 of  temporal

now Mars the starter in air
 in his unifying idea 
 on the level of the four elements
will start
two unions
one with 'green' Pluto of 
on Friday
water' aka feeling
union with 'green' Mars
next Wednesday 
first the sacrificer then the starter
of feeling
getting the kick by actual 
entering Pisces next Thursday

now, all what is scripted in the heaven of ideas
takes root in the earth of Taurus
currently at  7° Taurus slowly creeping forward
unifying idea 
heavenly simile
mirrored by Earth in the clinging
mystery of the cell
on all levels  of nature
from nano to light-years

 the zodiac
as the spinning heavenly cell
 or stage
around God's conscious community
on Earth

one more glimpse on  Taurus

heart and brain
Sun and Mercury
bearer and storager of wit and love
of matter 

 today Sun unites with the 
starter Mars 
of the defensive element 
heart brain

something on Venus

in Twins
ruled by Mercury 
ruling her ruler

ruleress of the complex play
on the floors of Taurus
with the logos of 
unity and defense

now this Wednesday 
in the intellectual sphere of
moves through the quarter-resonance
of child-god 

it's as if
Venus' big bags

have their day
 to speak the mosaic of
rooted and mirrored by

"Beauty will save the world"

Murnau, 5. 6. 2020, UTC: 15:19.


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