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A Square of Spirit and Conceptual Abundance

 5. 25 - 6. 3. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"She would't mean to know, how any liberation might be
possible and on what ways in her instance any such could
come into being. That I did know just as little like she.
Namely I only know,  that such solutions only are possible
on an individual  way not to anticipate. One cannot 
artificially conceive the ways and means or even know 
them by prescience, cause such 'knowing' is only collective,
rests on average experience, and hence can be completely 
insufficient in the individual case, even downright erroneous ..."

C.G.JUNG, , Zur Empirie des Individuationsprozesses, 
(About the Empiricism of the Individuation's Process")
My translation

Col. W. 9/1, § 528.

It's the common consensus, that astrology is responsible for prognosis. Hence "bull s**t" do some say and "spot-on" are others naively expecting. My experience of about 40 years of  daily lived astrology is the same like that of JUNG in the realm of psycho-therapy. In my words: the constellations do signify frames, the content behooves always and ever to the mystery of the single person, being unconsciously guided by the parallel of it's horoscope with the constellations. After all, 'person' in German is a 'she' and means: 'something sounds through'.
The frame is given by the zodiac with it's 'female' component, the signs, resting passively, and it's 'male' component, the dynamic of the rulers and ruled on their temporal way in the non-temporal circle in which Earth daily is spinning  and in which the gods are sovereign and do not impair each other unlike sovereigns used to do on Earth.
And the person is - personally - according to the birth-moment twistedly screwed' into the zodiac, in order that meaning and being, growing out of the root of the ascendant  'know' their timely way, unfathomably often  gone hence giving a general  unconscious  frame ...

The most important question for anybody, better, for any person, is: which element am I predominantly, and on which of the three levels?


Ascendant is the root, is one element, and three others not. To know this is the beginning of the relief, which heaven's order has to offer to imagination,  cause of the three other elements, one is basically relieved to suffice their order. That's a tremendous concentration on the given elementary authenticity.

Anyway, in this chronicle's weekly we generally lack ascendants, but therefore  it's constellations appear valid for everyone on the northern hemisphere of our common planet.
They need to be notionally transferred onto the individual Horoscope. Un-transferred they appear as the "Frame of Anthropos" the invisible complete inner man living in our unconscious inner completeness, which JUNG named the 'Selbst' (self).

The meaning of the 'Frame of Anthropos' is being the abode, the human mirror of  psyche in matter unconsciously is  living in. Consciousness, JUNG and his master-scholar Erich Neumann worked it out, is a relatively young acquisition. It's a great gain payed for by a big loss: being guided by nature, was perfect as long as it was perfect. Man was created, when animals were not  apt enough, to release spiritual consciousness. Modern man, having lost the guidance of mother nature, lives in a no -more and not-yet situation.  The astrological zodiac of two sexes, 4 elements, 12 beings and 12 meanings is the paradox game for the 21. millennium. To master it needs invent and nurture one's given organ of wisdom,
which are symbolized by zodiac's six mirrors of matter and meaning.

22. Week 2020


the sting the spine the spear
the syringe

in unknown spiritual territory
called Pisces
'forgotten' meaning to be found

passing Pisces
is passing resolution

Mars in Pisces
(if you can, watch this amazing difference in the German version)

Mars is each 1,6 years  in Pisces for 6 weeks (except when in Pisces retrograde).  But Neptune, spiritual mirror- brother of Mars, is at home in Pisces' innocence of love only for 14 of 164 years. So this extra-constellation happened  since 2013 in a string of 9 times (x 1,6) and this year's is the sixth of the nine. The next 'string' will commence in 2177.


ruling the faculty of the element earth called Taurus
and the charge of the images 
in the imagination
 air called Libra

Venus still in Twins
even retrograde
ruled by Mercury
hence on higher social ground
above the parties
food for thoughts
of the intellect

Twins and Virgo 
 Venus +  Sun
 Taurus Leo and Virgo
Pluto + Jupiter

Thursday UTC 9:34

in six hours Mercury will leave the realm
of his own Twins
God of concepts of the
material outer world

and will enter the inner realm of night
and dream
called Cancer under the moody rule
of Moon
travelling image of home on the floating
 inner roads

while Sun 
traveling the elementary universe
 of Twins
calling the  bodyless
abundance of physical concepts
into life
this week in a wave of squaring
resonance with
Mars in Pisces
a square
 of spirit and 

Murnau, 5. 28. 2020, UTC: 10:50.


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