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Mercury the Discerner Rules all but Beginning and End.

 5. 18. - 27. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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75 years ago

"The shatterpated destruction and devastation is the reaction 
on the abscission of the consciousness off the state of equilibrium.
Namely there is an equilibrium between ths psychic I and non-I,
a religio, i.e. a meticulous consideration of the present unconscious
 powers, which one doesn't disregard without danger. This turn has 
prepared because of the change of the state of consciousness since 

C.G. JUNG, Die Psychologie der Übertragung,
 (The Psychology of Transference)
August  1945, 
Coll. W. 16, § 395

JUNG:'Transference happens unconsciously'. The spirit dwelling in man, tells him things, man cannot know. This spirit was called by AVICENNA (980 - 1037), ALBERTUS († 1280) and others 'intellectus agens' , vivid (God-)spirit, inherent in all material as calm and shape,  as order, striving to  provide  an equilibrium to consciousness.
The 13 century thought intellectus agens to be capable to provide the psychic parallel to material nature, which idea today is considered as 'synchronicity'.
This chronicle at hand has exposed itself since 13 years consciously/unconsciously to intellectus agens, by taking the zodiac as the primal opus ("signs and times") of it in the creation, emerged via generations of dreaming and observing men from the beginning.

21. Week 2020

initially we are dealing with the
occurrence on the Mars/Aries-level
in the second week of
Mars in Pisces
in the God's-world of unconscious meaning
into which each child is born
Pisces = meaning
and here now 
Marsbirth into existence
in the unconsciousness of Pisces

meeting on Saturday
in the paradox of completion
of the halves to one

To me Pluto, ruler of Scorpio rules the the ability/ moment in the circle of meanings, to 'crystallize' in circles,  like  the ability of carbon, to connect with itself in circles.

In my very first day in astrology intuitively I became dead-sure: 

Pluto/Scorpio is Astrology 
is the basic circle of 12 meanings
 united into one

universal floating meaning
in universal order
like rain stored in Glaciers

I was already 25 years in Astrology, when my final separation from my great master-teacher, WOLFGANG DÖBEREINER beared fruit: after a great dream picturing my entire second half in life,  I landed, like in the dream, in real life at 'my cape' of solid Earth', interceded by RÜDIGER PLANTIKO's
Die letzten 1200 Jahre 
im Lichte der Grossen Konjunktionen
(The Last 1200 Years in the Light of the Great Conjunctions)

After 25 years with the 'wrong' valid last Kingsconjunction  of my teacher, of 1842,   PLANTIKO's right one was two Great Conjunctions earlier:

This right one served me with a very special present to my Sun/heart: conjunction with my ASTROLOGY-PLANET of the solid grounded earth-element Pluto in distance of 0,4° grades. What a moment: unconscious 'image-force' becomes conscious.

and this occurrence happened and happens in the depth
of the collective psyche of the northern hemisphere
as current new-birth
of meaning in the unconscious astrology

which naturally no one grasps in thought, me included,  unless astrological mindfulness recovers, that something new will ...

come to genesis by Uranus
 via Saturn finds it's determination for temporality
finds via Jupiter a beginning in time
exercises via Pluto it's form in time
finds via Venus it's balance in presence

while Venus till end of May has her current 'permanent square'
with the God- child Neptune


Now great weeks for Mercury, granting us via Twins  discernment, analysis and depiction of the physical world and via Virgo discernment, analysis and depiction of the inner  world of soul.

in Twins now
a time when
the bold and apt constructed
are ready to mature
Mercury now rules
directly and indirectly 10 zodiacal signs
hence this week belongs
to the mediating and redeeming wiles of the trickster

by ruling Twins, Mercury rules , besides of Virgo: Venus and Sun, via Sun: Leo,  via Venus: Taurus and Libra, via Taurus: Aquarius, via Aquarius: Pluto and Jupiter, via them: Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Only Pisces and, by Mars in Pisces,  Aries, owning the mirror of beginningare free of the government by Mercury's intellect.

But by Venus'square with Neptune a common product is constellated between the contradictions of heavenly innocence and securing  earthly smartness.

Now Sun since today
calling the children of the air
of the optical geometrical
technical wit
into life

As for Mercury an addition:
Mercury at the fire-birthday
a being at home of the elementary
fire in the applied spirit of physics

so each week appears as fate to 
great complete man
unknown to man's consciousness
in whom godship humbly
is at home 
in each of his great 12 signs
in us

Read all this once again, at rest, then forget it. Coming out of the unconsciousness, the words will work in the unconsciousness. Give them  time to work. Thrust  the unconscious order.

Murnau, May 20, 2020, UTC: 15:55.


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