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By Mars' Buoyancy - Will Secret Home and Energy Emerge?

 5. 11. - 20. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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" What is in our reach, is the conversion in individuals, 
which have the opportunity or create it, to influence
 other similar disposed. in their  narrower or further circle.
With this I don't mean to persuade or preach, but rather 
the empirical fact, that one who has gathered  insight
into his own doing and thereby  has found an access
 to unconsciousness, unintendedly exerts an effect on  of 
his environment.  The deepening and extension of 
consciousness creates those effect, which the primitives 
call 'mana'. It is this an involuntary  influence on the
unconsciousness of others; virtually an unconscious
 prestige, which however only as long takes effect, as it 
is not disturbed by  intentionality.

C.G.Jung, The Undiscovered Self , § 583

" And finally does the individual know, that he is
the tonguelet at the balance?
ibid. § 586

" The conversation in the individual" - would I have held on to astrology, 39 years now, if it didn't denote just this path of conversation  for all of us? With this it is 'the other side' of what might be apprehended as being found by the divine?
Void of that however Astrology in my eyes is soulless and meaningless.

With all knowing and having experienced, each coming time within the 'eternal return of the same' (Nietzsche) likewise is something never having occurred. Therefore astrology always 'only' makes the frame accessible of the unknown comings. The precise content is delivered by the mystery, dwelling in the unconsciousness, but wishing to become conscious in man.

The zodiac is the invisibly in us circling great man 'anthropos'. Here are his constellations for the northern hemisphere, translated into astrological tropes.

20. Week 2020

the blind drive
out of the dark into light
the buoyancy
out of the unconscious to the surface

called Mars
fiery first element
no time to linger
lord of Aries
has to hie


entered Pisces this Wednesday-morning
 after air-element now water
 after high -  now low
 deep low
always takes the low way
water is spirit in reserve
when it rises
it is 'air'
where it falls is earth
and where it pushes
is fire

Mars entering Pisces, 'fiery' buoyancy in the depth of the spirit. The physical guise hiking into the bodylessness of meaning, to become attendant where no form has access.

1 Corinthians 2:11 

The Spirit searches all things, 
even the depth of God. 
Who of man knows man if not 
the spirit within him?
so no one discerns God -
only God's spirit.


gathering and collecting
rooting and merging
in Taurus
our common milieu

where now and keeping
Uranus and Sun
are burgeoning
Uranus as spirit of a new social
and Sun
as heart 
of the living
10 days yet in Taurus 

yet 5 years

within the social community
there is Aquarius = Uranus
the raising of hitherto
valid yardsticks (=Capricorn)
in the social milieu
Saturn in Aquarius
Uranus' effect is
to the common necessary

Venus since 5 weeks in Twins
'normal' are 3 weeks
now between Earth and Sun
optically moving backwards
later forwards again
still in Twins
until 1. Week of August

Venus in Twins
the partial  thoughtfulness for having and territory
standing in the way of perception
of  'the other side'
 in Twins gaining the third
the higher

while entire week

Venus square Neptune
coincidence of
matter and spirit
background-truth and root sucker


ruling the functions of movement in space
beyond one's  territory
valid for the physical space = Twins
valid for the soul's -space = Virgo

Mercury's home rule
since Tuesday
ruling over Venus
directly and indirectly over

Meaning: till end of month Mercury has the bless of time for the technical/intellectual/social analysis and display of the complex situation.

Only Neptune and Mars in Pisces keep  staying outside of the Mercury-world,  Neptune even challenges Venus in Twins as a spirit of innocence and truth challenging the lords of this world.


heart of the living giver of strength
10 days yet
calling the gatherers and collector into life
whose expression is relish of earthly things
plastic  appearance
and securing the stock

eventually back to the entrance:

Mars tomorrow Thursday
united with the 'green'

 birthdays like these of the 4 elements
each one for about 800 years
are like nests in the everlasting  tree of  the
zodiacal anthropos
each time they provide the current 
eonic character 

With the correspondence of Mars = begin + Mars of water = feeling, is this an indication of a kairos of a new begin of feeling within the depth of the unconscious man.

With the correspondence of Mars = begin + Moon of earth = unconscious home in matter, a hint on a secret resting in the unconscious, by Mars' buoyancy moved to the surface of consciousness.

Murnau, 5. 13. 2020, UTC: 17:08.


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