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The Master of the Brakes Starts New Thinking

3. 16. - 25. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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" The figures underlying the images become at deeper level
collective and universalized, loosing reference to specific
 individuals, things or events. Encountering images drawn 
from these depths, is like looking at the light of a star. We are 
looking back in time. Just as the starlight seen tonight shows
us the state of the star, not now but millions of years ago, so
the deep images of the mind show us the state of the
 human psyche in its early beginnings.
Farthest down in the psychic realm lie the autonomous functions,
that control the body without intervention of the consciousness
or even instinct. Below that the stuff of the psyche becomes one
with physical substance. We are left essentially with the chemistry
of the brain. At bottom, as Jung said, "the bodies carbon is 
simply carbon."

Carl Jung, Darwin of the Mind, p. 123

By Thomas T. Lawson

In Astrology the 'clock' itself is spinning
what rests is the horizon
at which in the east the spinning heavenly clock is ascending
and in the west descending

12. Week 2020

signifying the joy of heart to do as one pleases
it's the joy of the sovereign
last three of thirty days
guest of Neptune
the heavenly child's
last three days
ruling heart
and Leo

and Friday about UTC 4:40

the 'joy of heart'
in Aries is
the fire of hunger
and unrest
driving the nomadic Tribe
and his dogs
deep within the registers of this
wild sign

Now with Mars in Capricorn the 
'little Mars' I called him two years ago
the Sun in Aries
is 'feeling' the brakes
of Capricorn about it's rule

So much for the first
 of the three signs of Spring

second one is 
roots and balance 
of things
and people

week two
after black Monday
the 'losses' of inflated
keep being convulsive

Venus ruling Uranus 
the toppler  on her turf
and behold
the greatest companies lost a third of their
value in stock 
in 0ne week
another week and Boeing is toast

and anybody is quiet
at home
has time
streets are empty
canals are clear

now look  our 
'Master of the breaks'

ruling his
incredible bunch 
till Friday at home in Capricorn
steps from element earth into the air
where origins and ideas
ascend in  thinking brains

here the old father King will remain till begin of Summer
then till December another dip
back into Capricorn
before then Saturn will settle in
for about two years

but since Friday
and for a cloud of days Saturn will pass
the  resonance-union with
blue Mars
on 0,8° Aquarius

an impulsive beginning of new thinking in the old brain

something for our calendar. The same went to Mercury, returning from Aquarius  back into Pisces. He might still have resonance with green Water- Mars and has it with earth-Moon today, Wednesday. He is the analyzer and arbiter, now in a realm where words are unspoken yet. But this passage is due each year in the zodiacal year, and also the passage of the earth-Pluto on Saturday, where Symbol and Element merge into the zodiacal cup.

Finally the Venus-Passage of red Uranus , which was today and olive Mars on Saturday. On the meaning see here, when there was a maxi- dramatic military-political constellation.

So much for today, and all the best for your reader's health.

Murnau, 3. 18. 2020, UTC: 17:58.


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