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The Power of Feeling and the Inflow with Chance and Origin


7. 12 - 21. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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" The reasonable human of this world has to distinguish  himself
from what he, so to speak, in in eternity. As unique individual
 he presents just also man as such and partakes on all that, 
what moves the unconsciousness."

" The distinction of the empirical I from the eternal and  universal
man is thus of  plainly vital meaning namely today, where the 
massification of the personality makes dire proceedings." 

C.G.JUNG, Die Psychologie der Übertragung, 
(The Psychology of  Transference), Coll. W. 16, § 502.

and here is it
moving the collective unconscious
in the rhythms
of it' multiple
of the Sun- system

astrology is the 'answer' to you
don't keep on asking
but live and
experience it

The questions of the doubter emerge off the Virgo. But before the doubts the vigor of the lion is roaring, Leo/Sun, the soulfulness of the heart* into the world. Only it warms by playing, the world, which in the sign of Moon's cool waters of Cancer, tinges the inwardly flowing with the 'hormones' of feeling.
*)  Schiller:

"Man is complete man only there, where he plays." 

28. Week 2021

intergalactical in the
since 4,5 billion years
swinging with the brother- and sister
planets bells
to the Sun-chimes

in each Sun-child's
rhythm of it' year's
 circulations periods
around Sun
defining the common pulse
in the 12 signs of the zodiac

of the northern man
on the Earth
the 1 with the value of 12
constantly heating the waters of the world

daylight in the night
of the second quater of the 
in the third of the four
tinging dreams
of the water- person in
Anthropos and Sophia
in us

at the end of the week Sun in Cancer glides  into the opposition-resonance with Pluto in Capricorn.

partnership of the opposites
Sun: valve open
Pluto: valve closed

Sun: melting
Pluto: freezing

Pluto is supposed to rule the power of crystallization - hence the  circle - hence the zodiac, hence matrimony.

in the unconscious nature
each sign/element
each 'god'
has it's own
melting-/saturation point
taking place thus
to it's time
in the common realm of the four elements in
on those 3 'floors'
 erected each year 
each day
each year
each eternity
along the zodiac
of our being

no watching sensual consciousness 
is able
to follow
into the collective depth
of the eternity
we inhabit

only the rhythmical mirror of
denoting our Sun-Earth
the eternally
 the lights and planets

in Leo hence
 heart of things
still Mars and Venus
venture and security
push and re-push

in week's second half 
 thick-skinned way
of herbivores
taking the antecedence in front of
 unfolding in the 
realm of the yearly 

the brain meanwhile 
narrator of Twins
and doubter of Virgo
in the male and female

 complete man 
of northern hemisphere
is blessed by Mercury
 in Cancer
entering the articulation
of intimate feelings

and  part-man is rowing somehowly
to get ready with the
nervousness of feelings
without access to the bonus of
conscious participation


And here are inflows by the 4 elements in their historical configurations as 'Kingsconjunctions'
this week
released by

water's Mars of 1305
Earth's Pluto of 1802
'spices of the death'
Kingskonjunktions in the four elements
  40  celebrations per year 
 800 years per Element
strewn into the zodiac

aptly intuition of the spirit
aptly from far away
into the black
enticing the arrow

awaiting for  Jupiter's 
is mischief of time
in Pisces' unconscious
faith of desire
in the waiver
on outer relish

water Mars
drive-events step outside
into living effet


Another inflow by Uranus:


heavenly splitter of unity
of the archetypus in male and female
heavenly and earthly
eternally and temporal
splits in Taurus
the bodily unity
in high and low
dense and wide
united with the Uranus of fire

what might be split this time? we got to see

fire always is elementally the first state
of the child of the universe
fire = early
water = late

Uranus always is the origin
of a possibility
the ovulation in universe


12. 17. 1938
first splitting of the Uranium

Murnau, 7. 14. 2021, UTC: 15:56.


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