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Vast Events byJupiter in Pisces - Meeting the Doubts of Venus in Virgo


7. 19. - 28. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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" ... that there are still parts of our personality, which are
 unconscious, are still becoming, we are unfinished, we
grow and change. And  yet the personality, which we
will be  next year, is already present today, only still
laying in the shadow."

C.G.JUNG,  Über die Grundlagen der Analytischen Psychologie, 
(On the Basics of Analytical Psychology, Coll.W. XVIII. 1, § 38

That shadow is cast away, by a glimpse, beholding the horoscope of things and beings. The astrological definition affiliates seamlessly,  defining the moment 'between light and shadow', the first breath of consciousness in the whirl of a mass around a kernel. So planet Earth around it's star,  Sun, projected on the cosmic wheel of the year/day.

And like yin and yang, the two halves of each animated moment, male/female, high/low, past/coming are recorded

so nothing detains us
to examine
upper part of the given
spirit and image
by the lower half
image and body
of the ongoing creation
as whole

Heaven and Earth
29. Week 2021
constantly moving in and around us
with our heart
in the center
and a male
and a female 
fire cast male
cast female

so, when here the male 'normal' Aries/Mars = fire = start of the pusher 'energy' , pushing  where Sun is = Cancer = water, the depth, where the waters = energy unite. And happening according to our levels in life, the weight our existence - or it's easiness of floating with the rivers of time ... anything possible if the elements unite to common work even man's optimum ... we get to start our excavation into our heavenly answers, given by the lights.

fatherly succeeding
mirrored by the 
tempering of Mercury
and Mercury
are just moving

Twins is always the mirror of Capricorn
the mystery of the  word
ruled by Mercury
has to mirror the beginning in God
cause 'in the beginning was the word'
and Mercury has currently
to talk of the
fatherly sacrifice of the millions
in Capricorn
since 2008

29. Week 2021

lord over 
outbursts and revelations
another week and a half 
in Leo's
ceasing Cancer's 
yet to be seen
Sun moving  above the dry deserts
 of Leo
all Sun 
in the south

of the masses and walls
and always above the
weight of love
at the cosmic scale
leaving Leo today
stepping under the shadow of 
in late summer maturity
of god as 
of female child
in an adult

 lord of how and where
of the third and sixth mirror
called Twins and Virgo
of the world
still in the fourth mirror
distributing words
carrying feelings
in waxing resonance with 
 holy art of sacrifice

Mercury's speech
in Cancer
shall  mirror spirit
while  Jupiter's current visit
in the spirit of the 

while  Venus's
experience are
Virgo's doubts
about Jupiter's certitude
in the first mirror
of heaven's spiritual

Jupiter in Pisces
mirrored by the Aries
of the elements
where Mars moves
and behold
for another week in the depths
 of Cancer
kind of inner and outer 
floating states of times
and energies
the stream of unconscious 
a swirl of Neptune's floating
and Virgo's building
is waiting for 
the self is doing the job to create
what will cannot accomplish
but possible is
talking the wet depths of Mercury
by Venus'
herds and couples
in resonance with
Sagittarius' Jupiter 
at 0,3° Pisces

And these resonances are waiting for the divine hikers: 
 reminders of past times
when the big brothers
in Sun's family
Saturn and Jupiter
four times in thousand years

The Kingsconjunctions in the four elements in four colors of the spectrum are the elementary givens,   in possession of the 'power' to meet the soup  of 'the day' with their 'spice' in the outer, and/or in the inner world

29. Week 2021

Murnau, July, 21, 2021, UTC: 16:13.

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