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Further Encounter with the Claim for Sacrifice and Meaning


9. 29 - 10. 6. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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" ... the Symbol has the quality, that it refers to all psychic 
functions,  without being the specific object of only one
single of them." 

C.G.JUNG, Psychological Types, § 178.

This statement  is referring as well to the zodiac and it's 12 Eurasian archetypes of time. Each of them,  traveling both,  in and  with the sky, ready to rule  in each of the twelve houses of the day, according to it's own temporal mission; therefore: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3.1.

 12 x 12
or 4 x 4 
due to the  4 elements
 four quadrants

constantly running wheels
 only  horoscope
 and confines

Event: a forrest-manager
 57 years old
 carefull forrest-worker
 and world-traveler

met by an
 on afternoon 7. 25.
 2021 sitting on a high seat
 waiting for a certain roebuck
cought by an 
by a thunderstorm's supercell
got hurled down
 off his seat 
laying down  on the ground 
battered to death
 by the very solid
 high seat
torn out of it's entrenchment
in the 58th year 
of his life

 transit on his horoscope with two conjunctions and 4 squares:

25. 7. 2021 near Huglfing/Tauting (South-Bavaria)

great unconscious sacrifice
 eaten by the heavenly
apparently couldn't
pass by with
of that day
by that offer

nota bene
the first quadrant
is the physical

the second one is it's

Therefore, not really odd
all his papers
against  his habits
and things left tiedied
and put in order
and  spoken
tender words of goodbye
as it turned out

 in the end of preperation
 for a great relocation
 to Grandfather's ground  
 an old mill
 just behind the border

time-forms standing
between dead and life
watched by Pluto
for the sake of 
form in life

two answers possible: 
voluntarily or 

 'being eaten'


would sacrifice have had the meaning of waiver on the heritage
 constellation Pluto/Jupiter = waiver of adventage

" The sacrifice always is the renounce of a valuable piece,
thereby the renouncer  is forestalling to be eaten, 
i.e. it isn't happening a transformation into  the opposite
but a unification and  equalization ... "

C.G.JUNG,  Psychological Types, §  370.

... in a new round in an old life. 

Back to the outset-quote:

The 'astromundane diary'  keeps lacking a 'horoscope of a week', but the identity of the 12 signs with the 12 houses,  hence a general, as heritage, a symbol-architectural- time- bridge into the invisible traveling spirit, always the coming one is the opposite bank of the river of life, to the not only  assumed, but experienced marvels of the zodiac in the confidence on further exact ones of the One father God who - so the faith - loves success as normal, as in any normal living physical body their unfathonable appearance is in understood  wheels of constant success. Therefore: Matth. 18.3. "Ye must be converted, and be born anew as children, else yee shall not see God."


the 39. Week

in the analysis of him
who claims the waiver
of the valuable piece
each sacrifice is a gift
is a Godlike quality

Venus in Scorpio

offering her gift
of Taurus and Libra
to the tender people
of the species

Pluto in Capricorn
cracks on
Saturn in Aquarius
the Eagle
on the earth
according to
Uranus in Taurus
 the gift
of the fatherly
in Aquarius'clouds of thoughts
above Taurus
and Libra

hereto now in resonance
the eloquent
at the end of
for his part
 claimed to waiver
 a valuable piece
as gift

and all in all
public space 
mirrored by  utility

in Scorpio consigned
to waiver
as a gift

 to be counted alike
and Mars

in the service of balance
in Scorpio
heart and hunger
ready for sacrifice
Venus in submission
of the soul
initially will see 
and tenderness

the apt arrows
from the image- quiver
of the zodiacal 

Mars and Sun in conjunction
 generally show blind will
for personal assertion
in the space of encounter
to become conscious

And  the transits of the week 
of the current Sun-family
with the Kingsconjunctiones
  in the four elements.

39. Week2021

The space around 14° Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio remains further under the month's long aspect of the unexpected Uranus = ascent into heaven. The heros of rareness experience the  truth of all.

 Mars in the Grandola-constellation reminds on the Portuguese 'Uprising of the captains" of 1974 . He together with earth-Uranus  starting  the week with an 'unexpected ascents of the blind early earthly things to truth are to come.

Sun and Mars's Saturn/Jupiter Kingsconjunction in the air-element showes hence the high union of  the fatherly and the son-like in the universe of the 'blue realm' of  thought-clouds of spirit. A day of composure, to thank heaven for the calm nearness to God by the readyness of a 'child's heart.

Mercury and the curiosity in encounter with the blue Pluto of the air in Libra = thinking and obligation for 800 centuries in 'encounter in the balance' of opposite arrows in the quiver of Venus.
Venus alike the Venus of the water-element in  Scorpio
 where the warmth of the floating
 is  frozen into crystalline

 or is this water-place in Scorpio
 a warm place in the cold
while water = warmth
to keep an eye on

And the six mirrors? Spirit and meaning in encounter.

39. Week 2021

the lower part of the world and soul
has only Uranus 
the topler

any  meaning
is meaning in motion
to a consciousness
according to
the heavenly

Murnau, 27. 9. 2021 UTC: 16:14.

In English: 9, 29. 2021, UTC: 16:30 and 50.


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