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Late-Summer-Week and the Tools of Scorpio


9. 15. - 22.  2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
in the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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"Psyche is for me, as you know, a general term 
indicating the "substance" of all the phenomena
of the inner world. Spirit, however, characterizes 
a specific category of this substance - namely, all
those contents that cannot be derived either from
the body or from the external world. Sometimes
 they are graphic, vivid processes that lead to abstract
 ideas, sometimes conscious and deliberate abstractions.
 (...) Psyche could be placed parallel to the physical term
 of matter (corpuscle + wave)."

C.G. JUNG - WOLFGANG PAULI., Atom and Archetype, p.125

A world-formula beyond all interests, concerning the realm of the 12  - the six upper and the six lower 'brothers', six psychic and six physical ones mirroring   the six days of creation.

37. Week 2021

energetic fighter
'dog' of the goddess of possession
and balance
herself now in Scorpio
overcoming of the ego
 necessary and possible
by number 8
 of the 12
securing the continuance
 of the species
by waiver

and it is Leo
in the 5. mirror of
to sacrifice
the prey
for  family

of the year

 in the mirror
of meaning and matter
sixth mirror
balance and adaption
release to each other

Venus now in Scorpio
on her home-scale finding
 brute force
in the china shop

37. Week 2021

also in Venus'
the landscapes of prudence
and love

while Sun
keeps mirroring
the balance of force and reason
in the warm hold
of  caring mind

Further into this week's constellations is planted the resonance of two elementary eons: of water-eon  and air-eon, each with a 'lifespan' of about 800 years:

The meaning of their constellations is to become symbol-mathematically registered  by  man's conscious patient observation.

The astrological level of the four elements is principally conscious since the Iranian/Arabic astrology of the 8th century, but lacks the contemporary mundane astrological discourse. 

Hence 'Astromundane Diary' is surrounded by a solid cloud of silence. 

Subject is, to gain deeper understanding of the Symbols as carrier of time. Studying them,  mankind will  gain a kind of millennial-consciousness and a relieving faith in the god's  journey with the flow of the universal things, tried   in their billions of years.

so in the Scorpio-height above the horizon of the zodiac
 in the element water = feeling
 we  get this weeks conjunctions of

Venus in personal waiver


water-Uranus on Thursday
 feeling of an origin

water Neptune on Monday
feeling of a solution in innocence

and in between them

air- Moon on Saturday
home in the universe

No sign has so many elementary resonating (or 'radiating') moments like Scorpio. No sign has so strong need for JUNG's study of the inner World and her symbols, cause symbols are time-carrier.

 The 'astromundane diary' has a lot of references to the Kingsconjunctions of the four elements
over the years. It's a tool to study them before their time in hindsight.

Mundo keeps prepairing that tool.

Three Elements in Scorpio ...

Murnau, 9. 15. 2021 UTC: 15:47 and 16:12.


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