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Venus in Scorpio - Waiver for the Species

9. 20 - 29.  2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
in the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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"We must not  picture the unconscious either as order 
or as  disorder. The experience proves both. Therefore with 
unordered consciousness order can come out of the
 unconscious, and coversely, with too narrow  a cosmos
of consciousness out of  the unconscious breaks  chaos in.
With the emergence of great religions initially  it's about
a collective disorientation, which generally constellates
an overwhelming ordering principle (collective longing for 
redemption). The prophet perceives out of the misery of 
his time by inner  vision the helpful figment in the collective
unconscious, and articulates it in the symbol; spaeking 
out of the  collective unconsciouss,  he speaks for everyone, 
it is 'true' - a temporary validity, as it is meant for a certain  

( my  emphasis)

C.G.JUNG. Letters,  10. 1. 1929.

The 'helpful figment'
immortal word 
for the
of the Sun-family
the Earth-year
12 stages 
with it's 10
of the
homelike travellers
in which's narratives
anything emerges
in the 12 houses of the day
and the 12 signs
of the 
traveling heavenly seal
 of the year

12 houses of the day

having now these records:

Earth- year
travelig archetypes
in God's permanent spinning

the late summer-/fall-signs
are the soul signs
in the language of the
year in heaven
turning heavenly wheel
around the 12 houses
along with the Sun of the day
hence there are each day 360 ascendants
into which all creation
always is apportioned
in the natural landscape 
of God

This circling heavenly landscape by daylight is unconscious to the sapient, only when an inner stream meets an outer stream, the uplifting of both, then the sapient attends to it and askes the horoscope, what just happened. In this way the sapient learns, to secure himself of  the heavenly landscape, namely in steady effortless  readiness , to marvel.

The preview in the 'astromundane diary' however takes place, before the mentioned streams have met. The unpainted images of the week, for practice are to be outlined, that 's, what the holy astrology is asking her followers and -  to marvel.

38. Week
remaining 14 weeks in 2021

the truth of all things
is apportioned  into the circles
of the Sun-years
and in the
hours of the

and the truth of Mars of the realm of the scenting dogs and Aries, wresting the comming off the seclusion in  quick impuls for trueness, yon unloading of drive-energy into the silent intersecting appearances, from terrorists to surgeons. Thereby Mars in the signs of Virgo and Libra - in these weeks -is more close the the surgeon, than in other positions. In the sixth mirror are mirroring consciousness and maturity, meaning and reason, in the evening of life and day and year.

Let's stay here, have a look at the Sun,  this night,  moving into Libra , into the perception of beauty , balance and harmony, to which  heart in Libra is open.

And not only the heart, also the brain, Mercury, knowing the price of beauty, is analytically subserving Venus these weeks.

 moving through the waiver
 zodiacal eigth
 making the existece
of the species

under Pluto
 helpful imposition
 of 'helpful figment'
 to all creatures
 under it's order


  Venus in Scorpio for Taurus and Libra meaning: emotional fulfilment by waiver of more than sufficient property and freedom of love.

That desribes the state of Sun, Mars and Mercury this week and hence of Aries, Twins, Leo and Virgo, or impuls, intellect, emotion and adaption.

To that again Uranus is by Venus  subjected,  and by him is  Aquarius subjected: the spirit of origin in Taurus' herd  and in it   Saturn and Jupiter: measure and time

So far the general stage.

Here now the specifics of the week:

Resonances of the presence:

Venus: Beauty and wealth, currently in the Scorpio-monastery of waiver, receives this week after the waining resonance of Saturn the waxing resonance of Uranus, 'seeing oneself lifted above the end and rejuvenation in the spirit of the  unprecedented in the relay-race of the moments.

Mercury: he, she, it, analysis and articulation, research and narration in the array of world and soul, turning to  a round of recession, around the central resonance with Pluto in Capricorn, hence between spirit and imagination, IV. and III.quadrant. The neutral character of Mercury and the strict Pluto are in the sense of the unity-demand of the 'helpful figment' ordered to let grow a unity-product of faith and sobriety by order of the balancing Venus.

So much the con-stellations on the level of the 10 gods/archetypes.

Constellations on the level of the four elements: (and here)

This deeper elementary level  of the unconscious underneath the level the twelve times/  zodiacal signs is lower differatiated, quasi 4 elementary sockets for the trees of the 12 signs. Quite like the Titans, shaping themselves, underneath next generations : Gods.  They receive shapes for about 800 years each. .
There are four horoscopes, time-stamps, value for about 800 years, indicating the pre-forms which on the higher level of the zodiac receive their more specific imprints by the Kingsconjunktions of Saturn und Jupiter.


Earth- Pluto
6,8° Pisces
representing the practical aspect
of the order of time
at 6,8° Pisces
and the Pisces Sun
of each

like for example my own Sun
* 26. 2. 1942

because of an error of master Wolfgang Döbereiner concerning the current Kingsconjunktion in the  Earth-element, the  Murnauer mundanomaniac  the first  25 years of astrological practise didn't know about  this constellation ( lots of work for the dustbin).

Now this week:

38. week 2021

In Taurus: Uranus on the Uranus of the fire-element. Fire is always the early, the first (energy-)state in each cosmos, 'well known' in the  image of the big bang.

Uranus, ruler of heaven as Aquarius, irrigating the planet with waters and ideas. Home of the spirit   shaped in invisible clouds of origin

All origins

of oneself

being male or female

 have their place

 in Aquarius and Uranus

is their trigger

 'for the first time's' 

taking shape of

 what is to come.

(The German word 'Ursprung' tells it as 'original crack')

in Taurus = in close circles


17. 12. 1938

Berlin: first fission of the Uran

back to the week: those are the quick transitions, which dont fix the characteristic so epochal like the transitions of the slower movers beyond Jupiter.

In Libra
Moments of the 
this week
for Mars und Sun

Mercury's waiver
of the personal love-game
in Libra
by Pluto of the air
(=of thinking)

Remark: the 'vicious' Pluto is only vicious, when the 'helpful figment' is injured by extremes of acting, otherwise it is a helpful helper, fostering the ability for waiver, where it is necessary.


Venus in Scorpio
rich in collections of images
of sacrifice and waiver
(which are always presents to non-ego)
in union 
with Neptune of water
the innocence
in the amorality  of
childish feeling

Again here comes from the water-element (=feeling) the unconscious 'syringe' for the resolution of extremes in the  deviation from the middle way, which is the findings of moving between the two banks of the meandering river of life.

Therefore, only sinners = 'between the banks', are suitable for redemption

Murnau, 20. 9. 2021, UTC: 14:10.und 14:51.
Draft 19. 9.2021, UTC 15:26

In English: 9. 22. 2021, UTC 17:28.

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