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Pile-Up at the Entrance to Fantasy-Land


8. 30. 9. 8.  2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
in the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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" ... that the so called unity of the consciousness is an illusion.
It is effectively s  pipe dream. It does us well, to think, we are 
unified:  but that are we definitely not. We are actually not 
masters in the own house ... according to my opinion our 
personal unconscious, as well as the collective unconsciousness
are consisted of an undetermined, cause unknown number of
complexes or part-personalities."

C.G.JUNG, Coll. W's. XVIII, /1 § 151.

At this point the necessary difference of astrology to psychology becomes tangible. Like in the measure of time so in any horoscope 'an undetermined, cause unknown number of complexes or part-personalities' appears, appearing sorted into the 3 x 4 modalities of the zodiac's general wheel of the year/day in it's 12 double-hours, encircled by heaven's moving zodiacal sign-chain in eternally same succession, discerning and programming the abundance of mixtures.

each one's
 own deity
in the richness of  one's 
is spider-luck
of the brilliant web-spinner
in the center of the
weekly given
to be found
woven in 
 us and out of
and mirroring
the other

35. Week
around the horizon of the northern hemisphere
on Earth

now as before
it's the time of the  northern year
of soul

soul's definite
symbol of the vital
and master of success
in the second
of the three floors of nature
in the middle
between spirit and flesh
mirroring the gold
of strength and skill
rule of the heart

after which now
earth- and air-element
mirror each other
like balance
 of beauty
and sorrow
or harmony and
in the first  stage of 

the 'gods' of the real world

the lower six 
mirroring each other
in the sixth mirror

this might be somewhat incomprehensible for the 'normal program' of a-symbolic presence of meaning involved, cause their lower part, to the senses perceivable outer and inner world doesn't include spontaneously the invisible world of the 'gases' - fantasies and symbols, as  dynamics of an existing Order i.e.this  lacks in consciousness:  the  fourth quadrant = spirit of  meaning ,  like clouds of next week's/year's  rain. Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are such - in  and out of us -  says the zodiac.

Nature-science, which only has access to the sensually identifiable, lacks - the spirit. The scale of matter needs the complement by it's mirror-sense: the symbol-scale. Nature - science, lacking the fourth quadrant,  can not ascertain meaning, cannot discern spirit before time from
spirit in time, the IV from the III quadrant.

astrologers have
the world of creation in 6 days
in which the Earth
mirrors the immortal six calls
of the caller God
and his eternal
'let there be'

This thus as invisible matrix of each week in which the children of the Sun in ever-customary rhythm rolling ahead  in the circle of holy creative madness.

Once shortly enumerated:
drives his Aries-herds
and claws
through the wilderness of reason
where also Sun
is present
in the warm heart
of reason

there are 
in opposition 
of Virgo
Neptune of Pisces

that is surface 
 fighting and uniting

lie with truth

discerning and
uniting the different
that's the way underneath God's
only 12 is one

and in resonance-
air and earth
volatile and fix
are connected by
Venus in air
the scale of soul 
Pluto in 
earth Capricorn
waiver of the soul
in the of
above the time-wall

while Mercury
from the richness of earth-soul
was stepping  Monday
into the airy- breezy width
of fantasy in
where Mercury
now shapes into verbal form
what in the sign of Libra
we now encounter since 3 weeks 
in fairer
balance of meaning
 in fantasy of encounter

Mars however
ejector into being
gets in resonance  with
 spirit of
'child of coming times'
benefit and commitment
in opposition 
spirit and soul
always and now
in creatively unification
as always
sense of life

Mars in Virgo
is in need of a bit of 
is yet his nature
to launch blindly
without reason
out of impulse
but protected and led
by an attentive instinct

Astrology is the private university of everyone
the time is a slowly ever- changing
invisible landscape
on a clock
with 10 hands
to be studied by homo-sapiens

the mystery mixed by Sun and
his children
 ruling since billions of
the pulse of our home- system
to which every individual pulse
in nature is

This mystery is  simile
to the astronomical 
 positions of heaven
we have outmost 
likewise accessible
 each day
in the net

Hence, in the language of time study decides everything. Playing the astrological game each day - hours and minutes - is what leads to masterly conscious understanding of the living mystery in us and likewise out of us, taught by the natural time - - -

And here, to fill in:
the week in
the zodiac with the 40 positions
1305 and 1980

earth 1802
air 1980

zodiac of  Anthropos

zodiac of Sophia

for those to whom the archetypes
at the entrance into daily consciousness
are hindered to enter by 
mysterious vapidity
is waiting
much longer the beginning
of the coming eons 
free increases
by intensities
and indulgence
by consciously taking part
in the collective powerful life
of the archetypes/gods
in us and out of us

*) next change of Water-conjunction 2159.

Murnau, 9. 1. 2021 UTC 16:06 + 16:42.


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