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Father and Son - Heart Meeting Proscutor


10. 25 - 11. 3. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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"Sure enough our language is  insufficient, to invade 
(Jünger was Aries)  the secret, since outside of the time nothing
'happens' - rather time begins  only with the  occurrence
and also ends with iz."

ERNST JÜNGER, 70 Verweht, III. p. 531
(emphasis mine, mundo)

 to all of us on the northern hemisphere is given - beyond any interpretation - the northern starry heaven and the heavenly face of the Mesopotamic fathers, which primordially enfolded 11 times, and into which the spirit of Aegypt, the fathers at the Nil, added the 12th sign/time Libra, the scale of the dead.

which they saw greatly ...

the judgement of the dead's heart 

...  like we today  petty

Cairo  2011 Aegypt woman in protest against Muslim bygotry

both, great and small is necessary, none alone passes muster into becoming human.

Six examinations has the creation according to the zodiac imposed on man:
six mirrors
Years Days and Persons

thought and intuition
being and feeling 

as mirror

the four functions of orientation

"To the artistical inclined man the relation is familiar,
intuition like a lightning lights up a landscape, which before
has lain in the dark, maybe the intuition even only has
created it - now it is there in all it's nuances, the time can 
put on."

ERNST JÜNGER, 70 Verweht, III. S. 531, ibid.. 

an astrological diary can follow the rudiments of the 10 heavenly factors and in the supratemporal order of the elements seperate the fast from the slow, so that fire has the universal  precedence in insolvable contingency with air, before water and earth can meet conditional to each other.

Hence each week is about the relation, which is given, suddenly lit up by intuition.

43. Week 2021

Aries Leo Sagittarius

what  ist given
by the fast brightness
the intuition

brightness of matter - Mars and
brightness of soul - Sun
in  the perpetual images
of the fifth and sixth mirror
Libra and Scorpio
calling images
answered by

now they are present
Mars consummates his way on Sunday
in Libra
and begins it in
where the charisma grows
which roots in character
weighing in on the scale
or Libra

Symbol of renunciation,  underlaying all loyality,  Scorpio appeares to all mundanomaniacs, the one indispensably imprinting on the material - Taurus - the original form  allocating it to the fabricating heart (= Leo) in the daily task, to which Taurus prepares the bed.

What strikes   the mundanomaniac this week:

1. To Mars in Libra, the impulsive Aries - fire encounters in Libra the  harmonic concord and conciliation by Venus in fire of  Sagittarius.
    The last week Mars moved via the square-resonance with Pluto in Capricorn. There are to unite impulse and 'sacrifice for the collective' in the constraint after fatherly wisdom.

2. Sun-Leo in Scorpio, since Sunday in company of Mars, receiving the relieving waiver, the sacrifice of  arbitrariness of the creating heart in favor of creating a masterly directing form.
Sun exchanges square-resonance with Saturn. The heart of the individual is confronted by the attornay of the collective measure. Sacrifice  love and reason. Father's reason in Aquarius  Son's heart in Scorpio. Both are right, but heart carries.

3. Mercury: Further narratives about the encounter with harmonic imaginings = Libra, discerning and weighing as voice of critique and  reason   for their part subjected  aestethic weighing.

4. By Venus in Sagittarius currently our Taurus- and Libra- matters are subjected to the spitit of the upper fire, Sagittarius, like Jupiter-moments in Aquarius. In the space of lucky chance the Venus- matters are subjected to the spirit of contradiction  by Uranus in the social matters.

In addition to it, the entire week is tinged by the element water by the square-resonance of Venus  with Neptune in Pisces. Heavyness and balance asked for union with Neptune, hence security by becoming like a child.

So Venus in the spiritual fire of Sagittarius, conditioned by Jupiter in Aquarius is near to the origin of awareness. Uranus in Taurus lets awareness become by thought,= mangod in the herd in anonynmous attendance.

    In the fate of generations of the far slow giants and the dwarf around Sun - Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto on their tracks in and around us  in this week like in the weeks before. 

Feeling with Moon moving over from the quantitative in Twins to the qualitative since Cancer to the encounter since Wednesday.

So much on the level of signs.

And on the level of the elements?

43. Week

Look:  fire air water tinging the week according to the   Kingsconjunctions in their elements. 
That is like a landscape in this week,  in which the base and heavyness of the earth is yet missing. A kind of  picture of a landscape where the heavy, the lid upon the vent is lacking. Mars before the outbreak on Scorpio's glacier height.

Murnau, 10. 29. 2021, UTC: 15:44 and 16:42.

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