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On the Heartwarming Ways

10. 18. - 27.  2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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" The society can never be greatly improved, until such time

as most of its members choose to become theocentric saints.

 Meanwhile, the few theocentric saints who exist at any given 

moment are able in some slight measure to qualify and 

mitigate the poisons which society generates within itself by

its political and economic activities. In the  gospel phrase

theocentric saints are the salt which preserves the social world

 from breaking down into irremediable decay."


ALDOUS HUXLEY; Grey Eminence, p.  313

cit. in: C.G.JUNG, Mysterium Conjunctionis,

 Coll. W. 14/2 , §   196, note 425   





HUXLEY' S image of the 'theocentric saint' enunciates a being- geared of man. The 'mundanomaniac', how I know him,  is geared to God as the creator of heaven and Earth, addressing universe behind the whirl of chaos addressed in Gen 1.4.


The zodiac contains the religious quality with God as fatherly caller for the continuous wedding of spirit and matter in life by continuous creation in 6 days, which at the 7. are celebrating the joy with the conciliation of Earth and heaven in the spirit of goodness and success -  holy marvels of anonymous successes - in unobtrusive holy existence.




42. Week

in the spirit of reconciliation



in Sagittarius

Venus suffused

by Jupiter 

in the spirit of the 11. sign's

origin of hail

in Aquarius'

easement in zodiac

where currently

beside Saturn's also

Jupiter's cloud hovers



in Aquarius'


in man

gods are leading 

 children of God

called living





astrological ruler of heaven


within and among us

for 7 years

in the masses 

of Taurus


again after 1935 - 1942


Uranus in Taurus

the strife

to be nothing but single

mass - particle




out of the Center




this diary appeals to



symbolized by characters like Dionysus

fathers of art whine and 


revered by women


11. house in the horoscope

god thinking

in man

living archetype


ruling all rhythms 


since the beginning of Sun' 



eternal Neighbour of

god child






no longer Mars

mirroring Neptune


but Venus 

ruling herds to revere heaven

called upon

by Uranus in


in the mirroring heaven's


anonymous origin 

of man

by separation

in the social herd


but Mars' blind hunger


in company with Mercury's

reason and intellect and

last three days this year

till Saturday


creating power



in whose scales

the parables of creating


are weighed


in short

the entire Libra-mystery of

 Sun = fabricating

Mercury = utilizing

Mars = urging

in the  balance of meeting the contrary

to itself


 set by Venus

in Sagittarius

onto the upper edge of the

time-whirl of meaning







called zodiac 2021

of the ninth sign Sagittarius

into the insight

 into the


revealing necessity

of each at its place

of anything in the  whole

of God's self

as living unity

within the wheel of 12 spokes

of earthly being


but Sun leaves the 6. mirror on


and with him the heart of the Anthropos

moving on the meadows of soul

learning to pasture

 the ancestors


leading the blind





and Mars the light and splitter in resonance-square from Libra with Pluto in Capricorn meeting  likewise the blue conjunction with the virtual blue Pluto of the air-element at 24,1° Libra since 1980 for 800 years. Mars & Pluto, the image of the fortified blind warden at the scales of the soul. 



Venus by contrast, the connector of herds and couples, Sophia in Anthropos, is since weekend in square with Neptune relishing their resonance. It's the resonance of God's child's innocence  anonymously seized by spirit of the pinnacle of time-whirl in the collecting herd of Venus in  Sagittarius' collecting flowers of insight of cosmic Son into father's sovereign  necessities in creation.


Uranus in Taurus = 2. mirror = local, stage before 'propagation into  vicinity' = 3. mirror.



42. Week, Northern Hemisphere



Note:  Mercury as lord of 6, Virgo, is currently ready to meet an inviting 'selfy' of himself as perceiver, mirrored from over the horizon.


Not the 'chores of  mankind'

 but indeed the chore

 of the living Eon

of the four elements

   paradise and hell 

and what lies in between 

given to us  


generations- based




To live theocentrical means always to be ready for the unknown ways of the heart, on which  God warms this creation. 



Murnau, 10. 20. 2021, UTC: 








on the warming ways


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