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Thursday: Venus' in Intuition - Rare Meeting of Three Actors on Sunday



10. 4 - 13. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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" The great events of world-history are  fundamentally of deep
irrelevance. Essential in the last is only the subjective
 life of the individual. This alone makes history, in it only  all
 great changes happen initially and all future and all world-
history descend as an tremendous summation lastly off these
 hiden wells of the individual. We are in our most private
and remote wells not only the sufferers, but also the  doers of
a time. Our time - we are it."

C.G.JUNG,  Nach der Katastrophe, (After the Catastrophe)

Coll. W.  X,  §  315.

" But strong moral  dispositiones are, alas, relatively rare

ibid. § 224.

(my translations)

Every beginning beginns
with an Ascendant
 the moment of the
first breath
for the iron-flame of life

JUNG was an ascending
moment of 
the thought in man
dealing by mirroring
spiritual plants
to be awaked
off the human animal
and groomed

Uranus lord of
therefore the
(of thinking)
in man

(see also Karl Marx

Uranus in Taurus
can only thus
like Venus 

what does Taurus-Venus
like on a place in time
like this?
and what the 



Venus in Cancer
* 26. 7. 1875, Kesswil

in Taurus
mirroring the Aquarius/wings
of the father
Saturn in

like Venus
 conscious mining of
in the depth of
the social 

coming from Moon in Taurus
the unconscious
dreaming in the  herd
with the drive to

child of the genesis
of man
guised as winged father
(Uranus = 7. house)

this ascendant is the oldest
in man
and longest biochemically at work
in a body long
before the heart in the sign 
of Sun
after three weeks
starting to beat
9 months before the first breath
of own common spirit through the 
wings of the lung

Aquarius-ascendants are 
the longest
of the ways of man
hemmed by gods
and demons

now 2021

within the social herds
of Venus
again unrecognized
man-god Uranus
'air-walking' around the spiritual
fire-place of man
14,2° Taurus

in mankind's eon

 red Uranus
of the fire-part of the eon
in his unwanted but
necessary disguise
since 1603
as mighty  phenomenon
in the realm of the 
physio/psychic essence
of light

such like is every 'mundanomanic'
as an anonymous  higher tier
of mankindness
quite reachable by
individuals of medium intelligence
by habitually observation of the natural story
on the ever-moving heaven
in the daily charts
by doing so
spirit will be growing
growing by this cure
like it' s lower mirror-image
the body 
in physical trainig

so astrology is about
conscious learning 
by watching
 the powerful circling 
spirit's  rule
 knowing the I
before it's history

dreaming on watch above 
 of the individual in
and around
 unconscious self

so circling the 40. week
where each

in the circle of 360 grades
 children all
 of the Sun
circled by us
each at her and  his unique 
in the  wheel of time
in one of the 360 grades
of man
her/his initial 
as moment off the common 
assortment of the

explored by the
'mundanomaniac' in man
male like female
having her/his life
to explore man and his symbols
in parallel to heaven

The 'mundanomaniac' in Murnau watches the 12 houses of northern Earth-dwellers - man/animal - in analogy to the zodiac since 40 years.  The Circle's 1 sign Aries is, in analogy to the 1. house in the Horoscope of the individual,  the precondition of all following signs/houses/stages of the 6 mirrors of 'Spirit and matter.

40. Week 2021

10. 4. - 13.  2021. 0:00 UTC

under the zodiac above the
northern hemisphere
of the Earth

the lower six signs 
except by Taurus 
are not emphasized
(present but 'silent')

Taurus' spirit  in contrast is again
so much more hidden
  'historicly' present
like with the 
last turn
 1935 - 1942
with it's ultimate 

22. 6. 1941

Saturn on blue Uranus of the air
(the confined in the boundlessness of thinking)

different to 1941
the Sun now  and all yearly circling planets
are no more in the lower half of
the year but

assembled in the houses/signs of intuition
in the holy and satanic image-shop
 of mankind's unconsciousness
where in the narratives
and symbols on
the  charts of the soul
the neverchanging six days of
calling  matter
to create 
the permanet union 
of opposits in symbiotic forms of
spirit and matter
in life

mirrored by Virgo
are the contents of Libra
which in the coming weekend
on 10.16
will be assembled at one point:
16° Libra

and according to Venus
in Scorpio
 being in intuitive 'topor'
of waiver
according to Pluto
in Capricorn
whose Saturn 
in thoughts 
by fatherly  wings
until Thursday

but then Venus will be in 
 fiery spiritual dynamic
of spiritual arrows of  insight
fired by the bow of faith
reconciled with the measures
of heavenly father's
his kids

So much about this week' quasi run-up to the rare meeting of courage, heart and brain, or Mars, Sun and Mercury on Sunday.

Think of the blessed, but also lonely persons,  being born in  constellations like this.
Every lived exceptionality makes lonely, is painful and felicific, like a  blossom, juting off a common hedge for a while.


At long last: 'educational' in the best sense is the little box in my blog right over to the left in the blue  streak beside the word 'Mehr'. Whatever you are searching for, what mundo said about it will be found here.

Murnau, 10, 6. 2021, UTC: 16:18 and 16:47.


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