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Fire and Ice - Sun and Pluto - Dancing Together the Crystall-Clut


10. 11 - 20. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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" On the problem of the religious experience there is only
then a positive answer, if man is willing, to  fulfill  the demand
of a rigorous  self-examination and self-awareness. Is he 
conducting  his  intend, which is in the range of his will,  so he
can not only  discover a considerable piece of truth about himself,
but beyond that he has gained yet  a psychological  advantage:
 he has succeded, to esteem himself a serious attention and  a 
compassionate  interest. Thereby he has virtually underwritten
 before himself  a declaration of  human dignity and  at least
  a first step towards approach to the foundation of his 
consciousness  to the unconscious,  which is the first identifiable 
well of religious experience. Therewith is  in no way said, that that,
what is called as unconscious, so to say is sat with God or  in place 
of God. It is the medium, out of which for us  religious experience
 seems to  emanate. Which  is the farther cause of such experiences, 
to answer this lies beyond human possibility of  awareness. The
 awareness of   God is a ' transcendental' Problem."

C.G.JUNG, Presence and Future,  Col. W. 10,  § 565

In which disguise ever
Saturn is coming his way
yet last week
it are the invisible
'wings of spirit'
reigned by Aquarius
now carrying
the father of limits and moderation
in the sky

 image Saturn in Aquarius

origin of the collective
 New tradition
 collective father in spirit
 living in anonymous 

Lord of the wings
mangod of Aquarius
apparently bodyless attendance
like wind and gods in dreams
apparent here with us
with a visible half
(and an invisible one)
half looming out of the
horizon of the seasons

Saturn in Aquarius now
and Jupiter in Aquarius
origin of father and son
above times and below
father and son 
spirit in rotation
zodiacal man
stemming from eons
rooting in elements

in whom four elements
are stirred and sewed
in the mirror of
heaven and Earth
in continuous creation
by the wheels of time

in rotation

41. Week

zodiacal man
moved by the stream of time

common scoop wheel
of the creator
in  us
in 6 days 

 will in us
something of everything
cause we are
under God's 6 days
in all 6 mirrors

horizon = conscious realizing

 playground of the weeks
 everyone can
realize his/her chance
like LaoTse hints
succeding lies close by
to where
 a sufficient supply
of virtue is accrued

and Mars
 the birth-ire
is always in us
often quiet
given in one of the four quadrants
like we have been
cast into the day
as boiling heat
God's marvel

and the 41. week of 2021
finds the cry of Mars
and the bright beat of the the heart
with Sun
and the 
awareness-brain for the small
squares of creation
moved by Mercury
assembled as this autumn-now-shape
power and
Mars Sun  Mercury
to behold this weeks

emerging from 16° Libra
on Monday-morning


ruling Libra

is free at last in Sagittarius'
for conciliation with the father
met by the arrows of  spirit
mirrored in the feeling of Cancer

in 4. mirror of zodiacal man

in the 6. mirror:
Sun like heart 
in Libra
gains as fellow-player
 in square
Pluto in Capricorn
 3. mirror
and his claim for waiver
in favour of the living form
both alike

air and earth
fire and ice
to unite the 
  quarter powers

ever attendant
pre-decisive by waiver for
the median range of
sides of the river of time
sensual funnel 
after  the wealth
waiver of  arrows
in the quiver
 of the zodiacal man
only the arrow of 
'comprehensive insight'
at hand to the Sagittarius
 mature element of fire
in Aquarius
to draw the spiritual arrows of salvation
off the quiver
 of Venus
for the bow of this week

hail lovers

because, before her Neptune-week

Venus, collector, moving this wek through the highest Sagittarius-grades of the fire-element, where

three gods of fire


These to explore spirits of coming times are invoked forever, some yet even today

10. 11. - 18. 2021

so as well
the heart in the sign of 
meeting the 
 blue Pluto of spirit
coming Sunday
for common dance
of heart and faith

with resonance in two quadrants

41. Week, complex resonance
von fire, earth, air

so much about the heart in this week.

while Moon illumining the dark chaos, surrounding our consciousness, in the night of the unconscious, this week is feeling through the third of spirit for the spirit od balance in the daily stream of time.
Day very bright = night very dark, day too bright = night too dark. Now in autumn great darkness in front. Great darkness = great capacity for light. Light = awareness.

All this in the material of the week
of God
who likes his

Entwurf, Murnau, 10.10. 2021, UTC: 14:54. und 15:19.
In Englisch: 10. 13. 2021, UTC:15:53 and 16:01


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