Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

Letter to a Sane Sister

Saturday, 19. Juli 2014

The sick Mercury
doesn't count on the three
but counts on the two
cause two is so settled
and he would like too
in the anger of the
deserted editors
and in their hatred against
the voice of their concience

you are a crazy chick
how one is used to say up here
and a wise one too
your blog with its absurd few readers
Twin Sun
for me is one of the most important blogs 
in german language
as like as the Vineyard of the Saker
 as the for me most important russian blog
in american language.
I believe now is a time
where humans a probed in their hearts.

Only they, who became immune against hatred will arive in the coming life.

No time has been since 1962 where an error might become  as fatal as then in this  by the hate-coockers hate-coocked athmosphere while the Eichmanns over all the atlantic editor-floores arrogate to themself who is entitled to live and who is dammned by conceilment and by denial of human solidarity.

And these demonish magicians ...
2001: 3000 killed New Yorkians. Cui bono?

3 killed israelian youth. Cui bono?

300 killed citizens of the world killed in plane crash : Cui bono?

there are influent american voices who call nuklear war winable
there are fathers, who's friendly adult sons - infected by hate-sick friends in other towns - are in danger to lose their souls emerging as friendly fascists in denial

is a time
where humans are
in their hearts
may these sons and daughters be able to last


a father

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