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Chissled Version: "This being sucked- into it is a necessary stage ... "

7. 17. - 26.  2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Burning the Fidelity-Gift of the Gods
within one's own Heart-Oven.
My German headline
this week.

look at the end of Cancer 
Sun is catching up with Mars for
a meeting in early Leo
so the f***ire will be associated
with the gift of stardom = central light= Sun
radiating from the heart
of the universal system

it's families time now in zodiac
by turning
from receiving  Cancer over to

so much for that step from receiving to expelling 

on Sunday that step of Sun  from water to fire will   be done
by  heart and ire'
or Sun and Mars united
 = rare occurrence

fire is the dominant beginner
on each floor of the elements
so in the middle floor = soul
the flame of the soul

and the zodiac with all familiar divine lights
 and each one's home in God's' s memory
provides something like a distant view at the anthill
we're living in 
 well not we entirely
but the lower parts of our veins and nerves and muscles

and each one needs and has  this part

 called ascendant = unconscious first breath as celestial
 sign + element + site

which is the horizon  of the coming consciousness
to know the element to begin with
to know 'ones element' = to know
what three other elements one is not due to be
what a relief
others  keep bothering with these three elements

and 'my experience and observation by dancing the fool's dance in peaceful freedom here at my place is, that rarely somebody is shaking in, but also rarely nobody ... and before and beyond 70 nothing is better than the ocean of rhythms of musicians like Santana,  or Groover are able let for an evening to become hearable around us and  chosen dancers  shaking the radiating waves with arms and legs  sticking to pushing the body with that fire from within ...

and Sun and Mars in the expressive Leo?   Time to start (to create) an intensity of soul's radiation, or an outbreak of impatience like this and all what Sun and Mars never do: waiting for someone to begin, fire cannot wait -firends of the elements ...

And it is Uranus, man-God to me in man, adding his resonances to Sun and Mars in an expression of boldness and sovereignty of individual soul of man

And the myth-creating archetypes speak of the Sun-hero with the great heart , who's quest leads him to be sucked into the monster's  belly ... later  the hero cuts himself  out of it when the time has come ripe by killing the immortal monster for a time and a half ...
This being sucked- into it is a necessary stage of the drama told by the myth.

And fading into the week the Venus-things of roots and drama  in the resonance with the Neptune - chaos to the consciouness, but washing away all intellectual straight-jackets by Venus' 'geen' resolutions occuring in the field of information = Twins.

And in the second half of the week Mercury in Leo meeting with  Venus of the Earth-conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter. Venus the elementary archetypal female mirroring heaven by picking it's fruits. 
This Venus in Leo since 1802 is a compromised Venus, reminding of  the reserves of the society gamed by Leo's player's addiction by risk.

Mercury in Leo is checking the accounts of the King. And by the dappled paths in the chart you can  see, that mighty archetypes in blue (air= thinking) and green (water= feeling) are resonating.

And Moon is on Friday relocating  from the outer to the inner perceptions . On Sunday  Sun+Moon+Mars since afternoon in the adventurous realm of Leo.

So much for the moment: Wednesday July 19. 2017, UTC: 19:21.


seems I'm more and more doing on the 4 x 90° funktion, crazy, now this one:

"chissled version"

all ASC/MC -reflections on my "Teilpersönlichkeiten"
(partpersonalities) compare my chart

July 25. UTC 21:37 

Burning the Fidelity-Gift of the Gods
within one's own Heart-Oven.
My German headline
this week
This motto at the head is talking  the "fifth mirror" in which the fire of Leo is burning below  'the white shoe' = Scorpio  according to Pluto in snowy Capricorn's land
2017 29th week

UTC 20:07


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