Samstag, 8. Juli 2017

Putin + Trump: Third Enhancement

To the details of our rhythms:

you know I like to talk the 'funnel'-mem.  This metapher you have the outer border of resonance, astrologer call it con-stellation. Jung described it as "synchronicity", the missing fourth link to complete the lenghth - broadth- heigth brotherhood with the fourth: the  floating of time mirrored in female watery identity. see axiom of maria.

now to the details:

both they were moved by Pluto - this  far planet, smal like a foetus and outer border of the family

Pluto  is of immense importance for the identity of the species out of and in me.
 Do they follow the heritage, where the dead can find them?.
 An Astrologer has to bee keeper of the pre-writen- language -heritage, called zodiac, heritage of stone-age order.

 It's it, the position in man, out of which something is possible for a woman to be: a bride. It's the love and character of the groom.

This is Pluto  banning to move out of the species helping to keep the dead near to us.

The funnel of this guy in the widest aproximation of common resonance is traditionally in Astrology
-7 until + 7, I'm keeping it much deeper to the 1, -2, -3- grades of the funnel - my choice.

So Pluto is now at about 18° Capricorn hence the resonance started 2013 and Putin and Trump are deep at the nozzles, look at their Pluto-transits.

So this Pluto is of a dimension of a whole decade triggering the two leaders into the humility against the early forebearers of civilisation.

Then Saturn = the father, appearing so significantly as current  Donald-resonances is funnel-measured a n one-year-long occurence and Donald again is at the nozzle of this powerfull archetype. He will be the father of adult america, who else? My creed.

Now the Mars-transit on Putin's Saturn = fatherly archetype. Mars child of energy/matter is the beginner: hence two fathers in resonance, what are the dying demons able to do? Mars  in resonance with the child Neptune of Leningrad 1952 this is the mirror creating livable surplus.

And that Mars-'funnel' of yesterday started end of June for a good three weeks and with Putin's Neptune  the starter-child  is at the nozzle.

Did I say it? a miracle.

And the one- day-only-nozzle of Venus = self-interest + balance was caught by the two, when Venus was going to leave the day for the night-half exactly they together went out at Venus passing horizon in the west together with  Putin's Moon = Russia. God's poetry with humble players.

This is stronger than the dinosauriers of wealth.

Murnau, 7.8.2017, UTC: 19:39.

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