Dienstag, 4. Februar 2020

Diary 2.4. after the mozzi

what is this moment?
Mercury in Pisces

 Döbereiner-like speaking
"the consiousness of 
the dependence on conditions"
in the waters of end and beginning
 being met by a
community in innocence
Venus in Pisces

What kind of innocence do I mean? That of the children,
“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." 
in a German translation I remember the word 'see' instead of 'enter'. I think 'not to see' in this world, in every world, is like having forgotten, that like every world so also ours is a creation of the worlds before.

The rich do not see them, heaven's realms on Earth, only the metallic or oily gleaming wasteland. But those becoming like children, for those God has, I bail for it, places at will.

Anonymous places in this world. 

There everywhere a new kind of that old life is lived which has become from time immemorial. The key is indeed the birth-moment, that and only that is the own one key.

The Problem of the poet: he has the key, but God enables it, when he wants to, namely in the heart.

The lived 'poetical readiness' of a kind heart, to do, what has to be done, and what without knowing it only this heart is prepared to accomplish,  what no other one is able to do ... no healthy child asks questions like this but lives the poesy of the moment in the never ending symphony of the Sun-chore, which our heart within is able to receive every moment we are not distracted by 'things of importance'.

Let's get 'Ears of spirit', keep watching the archetypes, watch the intensities in the zodiac, all that is God's world. Let the grow of an  conscious astrological organ get started.

Murnau, 2.4.2020, UTC:21:18.


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