Freitag, 28. Februar 2020

Recep in Fever -Time for Isolation

Istanbul 26. 2. 1954, UTC 4:25
Recep T. Erdogan

That's how he looks like, the 'redeemer of Istanbul' currently breeding dark evil. What's the worst evil
I sometimes mused, it's ' Größenwahn' (megalomania) reckoned my German burned- child- father-

It's pity, but the well for good and evil seems to be the same. So it's always good to tear out the tare when it's little and week.

Let's do the astrological work, let's ask what is it: the unconscious, the  ascendant. And we see:
Capricorn is ascending

and now:
Jupiter is at his Ascendant in these weeks. Though as the ASC ist the identity with the birth-moment
it's the deepest unconscious pole. Now being unconsciously  intensively occupied by an resonance with Jupiter-Spirit, meaning expansion  to the uppermost  realm of the funnel of awareness.

I would say, this man's unconscious is  contaminated by Jupiter in resonance with  Uranus in Cancer , an  Idea of beeing 'America' in the ME. 

it's Capricorn

he's the winter of the year riding 
within him

and watch what is he not
his  opposite- partner
Summer, in  expanding

has the perfect code
to whom?
Moon in Aquarius

4. 7. 1776, Philadelphia
US of America

aka expansion
plus Cancer-Sun

Jupiter + Cancer = local + worldwide

same to whome?

17. 7. 1954 
UTC 16:57, Hamburg 
Angela Merkel

Now to  the current Jupiter-Resonance at Recep's horizon. 
Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius is a kind of Generalist overlooking the temporal affaires. "is" means he, better his rhythm is in a kind of synchronicity traditionally symbolize as the  the 'great hunter' circling the widest ways with his unfailing bow, Apollo with the greeks, Son of the father beyond . An Archetype in us with as great like  as dangerous features has. 

Remember: 'Größenwahn' an anthropological threat
Recep needs isolation 
off the entire Planet

C.G. Jung warned,  persons who suddenly discover, they are a redeemer, are highly infectious.
The need isolation and treatment so more as Recep like everyone of us is is possessed by the idea of 
the DC (descendant).

Uranus, always 'above the law', serving Cancer's ruleress Luna

and here we are: the fire of identity-tribalism-idiotism rage,  trying to open another, information-less  dark age. And beware the opposition of Moon+Mars with whom in Twins?

And his end seems also to be in the cards, signified by Neptune, the solution' end and beginning, but the question remains: how many bloody victims he will be able to cause with him.

and here an Neptune where we ourself are 'the child. ''

and beware, all these red colored transits are those of slow moving, fate-carrying dynamics,
mankind has cause enough to befriend with the to open the horizon tho the non-matter mirror image  of thoughts, growing in the astrological garden as children of the element air.

and here again the Recep
in Resonances 2020

May the spirit of mercy and vigilance prevail.

see also:this and this.

Murnau, 28. 2. 2020, UTC: 15:20.


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