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Fire and Earth, Reason and Soul in the Shaker

2. 24. - 3. 4. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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lat. ligo = I bind, I unite

re- ligo =  I bind (myself) with the origin.

'religion' to me:  "home coming"


"a careful and diligent attention of, what Rudolf Otto 
aptly called the 'numinosum", namely a dynamic 
existence or effects which are  not caused by an
 arbitrary act ..."

Psychology and Religion, Coll. W. 11, § 6.


"which, different to other religions ... teaches a symbol,
which has as content the individual way of life of a man
and son of man, and which understands this  process 
of individuation as incarnation and revelation 
of God himself."

Presence and Future, Coll. W. 10, § 529 


"actually a secondary phenomenon, which relies on
something which primarily  has befallen us, which 
infuses into us 'pistis' e.g.  confidence and loyalty."

"Presence and Future, ibid.  § 521

"The individual way of life of a man" - and the zodiac in his, our times ...

9. Week 2020

not yet meaningful
but significant
the week of Mars
on his current 'pilgrims way'  of
of the god 
currently being at home
cutting temporal from everlasting
in the unchangeable
and the cold is
circling close around the pole 

and daughter Venus
in the middle-late grades of Aries
in the maintenance of the wild grasslands
and the old balance of the herds
in the land of the predators
at the common waterholes
without moral and morals enforcer

and Venus shivers one by one
with Jupiter
then Pluto
and then for next week
in the square of fire and earth
namely Aries and Capricorn


What can consciousness start with a layer, a Mars-layer, like this one? Nothing, but it can, which isn't little, be aware of the unconscious resonance. It might not give a ready understanding but, a kind of  innocent readiness.

The unconscious Self takes over -  always to the solutions of all of the 'transcendental' tasks - by uniting fire + earth, - unless neuroses step in the way of demons or investors.

To this the relations which Venus in this week has with her relatives, the sympathetic Jupiter and Pluto the brother and father Saturn, all of them mythically  projected by the unconsciousness of

our primal fathers

firstly found noted 
5.000 years ago 
in depth-forgiving- 
before the usurpation 
of the laws 
by 'secular rulers'

(Aptly fitting  that to me appears the fact, that the present  'Russian redeemer' V.V. Putin,has his origin from the 'pures' of the KGB, which (except for the department 5 ?) was considered the last island not being decayed by corruption, which I know from reading the German 'Prawda' in those days.)

Venus in Aries

ruled by Mars in Capricorn
will on Sunday at
25,3° Aries be
meeting with an elementary
 partner in opposition
of the fire-element

An addition, hinting to, as 'worst case', the inflammation of a lot of material with many victims under the code of

which under waiver
of  mundane wage
might be able to evocate
great form
out of one's soul


with Mercury currently
is the following possible
optically 'retrograd'
between Sun and Earth 
(certainly forwards circling)
dives again once more in front of the early grades
of Pisces
where birthdays of the
Pluto and Moon
shake the 
in the conditions of innocence
containing since all beginning 
the good and the bad
yet undivided
in their bed
solarly balanced since primeal days
blossoming on  Earth
the pulses of the cosmic family

eventually coming to Sun
constant heart and life-center of the year
simile of warming goodness
with all living
in Pisces
 the condition of innocent love
since the beginning

Tuesday to Wednesday
Sun and Mercury retrograd
met at
 Pluto of the earth-element of 1802
(in opposition to  the red Neptune

close to that is mundo's Sun at 7,2° Pisces

if Pluto means sacrifice
so not against life
but for life
cause waiver is = present

Plutonic sacrifice always
is  soul's waiver of 
signifying each master of the

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