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Venus Insecure - Mars with Three More Lucky Days

2. 10. - 19. 2020 0:00 UTC 
under the Northern Zodiac 

and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions

of the Four Colors and Elements 

 Fire, EarthAir  and Water

  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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"The lapis (philosopher's stone) indeed is being
 thought  as unity and therefore for  the 'prima 
mataria' anyway. But how this is a piece of 
primordial chaos, [...] so the lapis consists
 of the four elements, resp. must be assembled 
of these. In chaos they are not united, but 
only coexistent and must therefore be joined
by the alchemist procedure. They are even hostile
 with each other and won't unite voluntarily. 
Therefore they represent a primordial 
stage of conflict and mutual  repulsion." 

Jung, Aion C.W. 9/2,  § 375

" The mandala denotes the human or godly self, 
thus the totally or  perception of God [...] 
'do the hermetical vessel out of your mental 
entirety and pour into the entire aqua permanens, 
id est doctrinae' [...] Hence is  suggested, that 
the adept shall change and digest himself by the 
alchemist doctrine."

ibid. § 379

I realize, the hours, I do the diary, are of me being in  a kind of 'hermetical vessel'. When , after hours I'return to kitchen, side way or  main street public is a kind of alighting.

Doing astrology is to be not to be disturbed
'listening' to the signs and
listening to the mountains and seas of images in the unified circle of the zodiac.

The latter is the center whom we call 'zodiacal man' the anthropos made by
God and man whose great friend was Carl Gustav Jung forever who diligently
respected the border and never teached any sentence as an astrologer.

That clean water between Psychology and astrology gives 


between Aquarius and Pisces

like between Leo and Cancer

while they talk to (zodiacal ) man

Anyway, anthropos is a real hypothesis like God 
related to God as creator

living in finite forms, hence the chronicler enters his chair:

this moment
it's the Sun of this week
Leo's hour
and with Sun going down is 
meaning going down
into  being

7. Week 

Mars the beginner yet
three more blind days of Jupiter's cornucopia
but coming Sunday 
Mars will leave Sagittarius for Capricorn
enter the realm of old wisdom
and discipline

but today Wednesday Mars was  in deep contact
with fire's Venus

while current Venus 

our collective security is in it's yearly weeks in Aries
where the predators are hungry
'great weak' for newbie sheep
to enter the market

and Mercury ?

no help for Venus in nature's real dangers
while in Pisces 
deep in spiritual
of meaning
while slowing his steps down into becoming retrograde

Sun behold

behold the Sun-resonances this week with the 
a green ruler of 
feeling = water element

 water = wisdom 
Sun = the heart
and center

water = wisdom = the element 
steadily spinning in circles
knowing every place and stage
inside and outside
that's wisdom

with Pluto 
the psychic essence of Scorpio
like a dream- crystal
canalizing the chaos
in heavenly circles
like very high dream-clouds

till next Wednesday, then 
complex entry 
in Pisces

Murnau, 2. 12. 2020, UTC: 17:47.


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