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Eternal Preparation and Early Spring

17. - 26. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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under the Northern Zodiac 

"We must imagine the unconscious neither as order
nor as disorder. The experience proves both of them.
Hence with orderless conscience order can 
come out of the unconsciousness and vice versa, 
with too narrow a cosmos of the conscience
chaos bursts in out the unconsciousness.
With the emergence of great religions initially 
its a matter of collective disorientation, which 
constellates an overwhelming principle of order 
generally in the unconsciousness.(A desire for 
redemption). Aware by the need of the time
 the Prophet  gets the helpful figment by inner
 vision  in the collective unconscious and formulates
 it in a  Symbol; as speaking out of the collective 
unconscious, he speaks for everyone. It is "true" - 
a temporary validity, cause only meant for a certain

C. G. Jung, Letters I. of 1. 10. 1929

It's the "helpful figment" as which the zodiac has proved to me from day 1, 39 years ago. It gives names to facts according to their places in space and time and is about 5.000 years old.

40 yers ago, after all ,  I prayed for my prong on the cogwheel of everything.
This diary is the leading edge of what has become my prong between God his "signs and times" and earth.

8. Week 2020

under the northern sky
of our green planet

our explosives
are now in a matter 
called Capricorn
kind of six weeks
beyond terminal space
and six weeks of
of coming times

Mars six weeks in the disposal
of boundary setting Saturn

Capricorn is like a
Mars in Capricorn
storm in the north
the last wave of  I after
Mercury, Sun and Venus
the inner
now Mars
the first outer

will meet in the sixth week 
the Brother Pluto
still in the fathers  'land'
and in the the father
new in the heavenly toppler's realm
what a reversion

well the last wave
the opening wave
the Mars-wave
will be coming
brother and father
walking through our unconscious 
character the former
and our unconscious toppler the latter
underneath our daily crust
underneath our
peaks and valleys

while Venus
our desire to nourish
walks again in 
poor sheep-land

Venus will have
light and throne
Jupiter in Capricorn

but yesterday Sun entered Pisces 
again for 30 days
the heart
in the disposal of 
'let it be'-Pisces

and the green element
aka feeling

Now with green Mars at 0,5° Pisces (since 1305 till 2159) it's a kind of given, a very old  one, signifying: the elementary strength of 'feeling- by- beginning'  is since then  not in this world but beyond, in a possible future. Certainly no one is excluded from , and no one can't 'buy  into' any pilgrimage under the eyes of the creator, by beginning future from scratch while still living

after  Sun and
green Mars of water-element in  Pisces

today Sun and
of earth element in Pisces
are at home in changing
unconscious conditions
in an early world of flesh and water
in the middle of
living things

so much in us is asked by Sun
to be ruled by the order
of life
of billions of days
in one's given kingdom
 at least
which is where is
 a unique
mind realizing

That's what is written to the heart
of the God's 
anonymous world
within Anthropos' soul
daily written
for us on the
northern hemisphere 
of Earth
this week

finally we nearly lost Mercury on his deep-sea trip in Neptune's realm. I don't know what's really happening in Twins- and Virgo-offices where exactness is natural., but I feel it's puzzling. Unfortunately Mercury in this stage will 'go' retro, hence Mercury in Pisces will last till April 12. Let these book-keepers and artists of  tiny checkers spend a time in retreat and meditation. 

And,  Mercury in Pisces,  for a time  lend the mic to the voices of the background.

Of our Personality, except by Venus and Uranus,  all other folks are 
busy in different stages of  fermenting gone and preparing coming times, 
like the peasant do in Winter- recreation and Spring-preparation.
But Venus and Uranus are bursting with spring

Entwurf: 16. 2. 2020, UTC: 16:04., Murnau, 17. 2. 2020, UTC: 16:01.
in English: 2. 20. 2020 UTC 14:34


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